Tuesday, October 13, 2009\n\nRyfourn (8:19:29 PM): I wish I'd just filmed the last hour+ of my life. lmfao. Angry African vs Old white man and guy with AIDS got into a fight.\nRyfourn (8:29:07 PM): I got in trouble for drinking outside of my apartment while they were breaking up the fight between the old man, the african guy, and the AIDS guy.\nRyfourn (8:30:30 PM): They took time out of breaking up a big fist fight to tell me not to drink outside lmfao. I was just minding my own business.\nRyfourn (8:31:34 PM): lol I had it in a paper bag and was like "It's KOOLAID" and she goes "NO IT'S NOT!!"\nRyfourn (8:34:08 PM): I hate this apartment but I love my fucking [[crazy neighbors]]. After I got the beer I just put it in a bag and sat down outside and watched 'em go nuts. Better than HBO.\nRyfourn (8:35:55 PM): The whole fight was over the African guy asking the AIDS guy if he could have a cigeratte, and the African guy telling the old guy that his encyclopedia was full of bullshit.\nRyfourn (8:38:05 PM): The guy with AIDS kind of looked like a [[vampire]] 'cuz his skin was all weird. I'm kinda jealous.
Thursday, November 12, 2009\n\nRyfourn (7:58:12 AM): My 76 year old neighbor wrote me a letter warning me about the woman in the apartment right next to mine\nRyfourn (7:58:22 AM): He said she is determined to fuck my brains out\nRyfourn (7:58:29 AM): and I went into his apartment after reading it\nRyfourn (7:58:41 AM): and was like "WTF? I've never even seen her or talked to her before"\nRyfourn (7:59:03 AM): She's 39 years old.
Sunday, July 11, 2010\n\nRyfourn (1:42:53 AM): Just imagine it\nRyfourn (1:43:11 AM): "This Ryfourn guy comes out of nowhere and has no clue how to play and is managing to take out everyone in his site this is incredible!"\nRyfourn (1:44:02 AM): "Nobody expects his random cannon spikes he is just completely unpredictable and nobody can get in his head! Rumors are he has like 20 people in there already though and was in a psychatric ward in 2010!"\nRyfourn (1:46:11 AM): "During an earlier interview, Ryfourn claimed to have actually taken on the personalty of Cammy herself and now believes he is HER and is using the character without even looking at the screen! He is now starring directly at Daigo during the match without even looking! What the hell is going on!!?!"\nRyfourn (1:47:16 AM): "Ryfourn celebrates his victory over Daigo by doing an actual IN-REAL-LIFE cannon spike into the air!"\nRyfourn (1:48:12 AM): "Ryfourn is now fleeing the building before the awards can even be handed out!!!"\n
Thursday, September 02, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:44:01 PM): weirdest movie scene ive seen\nRyfourn (10:44:07 PM): was probably\nRyfourn (10:44:23 PM): in the flowers for algernon movie\nRyfourn (10:44:36 PM): long random crazy scene\nRyfourn (10:45:21 PM): it was like\nRyfourn (10:46:14 PM): the only book ive read where i was grateful i read the book cuz no movie version can do the diary experience justice\nRyfourn (10:47:03 PM): then writes like a genius later\nRyfourn (10:47:34 PM): i need to read slaughter house 5\nRyfourn (10:47:52 PM): how at first he has horrible spelling and grnnar\nRyfourn (10:48:07 PM): everyone says that when they readf it they thought of me\nRyfourn (10:48:58 PM): one book i actually read twice back in 6th grade was\nRyfourn (10:49:10 PM): where the red fern grows\nRyfourn (10:49:27 PM): i love coon huntin\nRyfourn (10:49:36 PM): bloodhounds ftw\nRyfourn (10:50:19 PM): i thought to kill a mocking bird sucked compared to the movie\nRyfourn (10:50:33 PM): who was that male actor\nRyfourn (10:50:41 PM): he was amazing
Saturday, March 20, 2010\n\nRyfourn (1:54:45 PM): My dad brought the box and was having trouble carrying it\nRyfourn (1:54:51 PM): The box is fucking huge\nRyfourn (1:55:09 PM): It's bigger than the rockband 2 box was and that had a guitar, drums, etc.\nRyfourn (1:55:19 PM): He goes "what's in it"\nRyfourn (1:55:22 PM): and I go "a joystick"\nRyfourn (1:55:28 PM): and he gives me this "wtf" look\nRyfourn (1:55:30 PM): was hilarious\n\nRyfourn (10:32:38 AM): I need you to find an appropriate youtube video (I'm asking you since you've seen so many of them) which shows how SF4 is like super competetive underground sport and how it has an audience and [[pro players]], etc. My dad is very confused about it after asking what I use the joystick for. He doesn't understand video game = social.
Friday, March 19, 2010\n\nRyfourn (2:22:04 PM): Wow, my favorite [[cam girl]] writes poetry and is very innocent minded.
Wednesday, October 07, 2009\n\nRyfourn (5:07:55 AM): I talked to my dad about the song "Imagine" and I think it offends him.\nRyfourn (5:08:00 AM): He doesn't like talking about it.\nRyfourn (5:10:03 AM): He went to russia and broke international laws and got away with it.\nRyfourn (5:10:14 AM): I didn't think communism bothered him.\nRyfourn (5:12:11 AM): I think the anti-religion part offends him.
Monday, August 02, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:04:42 PM): You know one day\nRyfourn (10:04:46 PM): When you and I are old men\nRyfourn (10:04:55 PM): I'm gonna beat the shit out of you with my cane.\nRyfourn (10:05:19 PM): I'm not threatening to hurt you any time now or in the near future.\nRyfourn (10:05:22 PM): But when we're old men\nRyfourn (10:05:25 PM): Your [[ass is mine|alex]]
Wednesday, June 09, 2010\n\nRyfourn (8:30:19 AM): I actually [[drank my piss]]\nRyfourn (8:30:22 AM): and you know what?\nRyfourn (8:30:26 AM): it tastes fuckin good\nRyfourn (8:30:29 AM): green tea I swear\nRyfourn (8:30:38 AM): I swear on my dead mother\nRyfourn (8:30:42 AM): it tastes good\n\nRyfourn (6:02:13 PM): [[this site]] is gonna kill me\nRyfourn (6:02:44 PM): is it worth it brah?
Monday, September 13, 2010\n\nRyfourn (2:24:22 AM): perhaps I have surpassed you... no wonder we get bored with each other these days\nRyfourn (2:24:56 AM): I remember the days\nRyfourn (2:25:28 AM): I thought your mspaint art was worthy of being sold for millions\nRyfourn (2:25:38 AM): Now.......\nRyfourn (2:25:54 AM): zZzzZZzzz\nRyfourn (2:26:50 AM): I am the world's greatest [[fighter|alex]]\nRyfourn (2:26:55 AM): I am the world's great [[chef]]\nRyfourn (2:27:04 AM): I am the world's greatest artist\nRyfourn (2:27:16 AM): You taught me many things\nRyfourn (2:27:26 AM): but you... you are becoming old and boring\nRyfourn (2:27:32 AM): This should be\nRyfourn (2:27:40 AM): only the beginning of our adventures\nRyfourn (2:27:50 AM): and you've already decided to settle down\nRyfourn (2:28:39 AM): There was a time\nRyfourn (2:28:47 AM): when you would have said the only way to live\nRyfourn (2:28:53 AM): was being "hella nuts"
Monday, December 07, 2009\n\nRyfourn (1:36:02 AM): I gotta find a job that makes me want to get up in the morning and go to work.\nRyfourn (1:36:29 AM): If I become a nurse practioner, hopefully I'll get up every day 'cuz I know my patients need me.\nRyfourn (1:37:29 AM): That might be how you define work. If I feel like I'm serving a purpose in whatever job I have then it won't be unenjoyable.\nRyfourn (1:38:09 AM): I mean a purpose of importance, not flipping burgers for hungry men.\nRyfourn (1:39:26 AM): Why do you always diss me?\nRyfourn (1:40:49 AM): I can become a nurse practioner and I'll be helping people going through the same things I have, and that will be important to me, meaningful, and I'll wake up every morning wanting to help people. That is in return going to help me, by giving me something to do with my life. I won't be depressed if I feel good about myself.\nRyfourn (1:41:40 AM): What the hell is wrong with you? That [[goal]] is completely realistic.
Tuesday, May 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (9:58:24 PM): [[My dad|MY DAD]] asked if I wanted him to pick me up something to eat on his way home\nRyfourn (9:58:27 PM): I said "no thanks"\nRyfourn (9:58:33 PM): And he goes "isn't there anything u wanna try"\nRyfourn (9:58:43 PM): and I go "umm maybe a double down from KFC.. but without the sauce"\nRyfourn (9:58:51 PM): so he calls\nRyfourn (9:58:59 PM): and is like "sup got you a double down w/ sauce"\nRyfourn (9:59:01 PM): I go "nooooooo"\nRyfourn (9:59:13 PM): He gets mad at takes it back even though I told him it didn't matter\nRyfourn (9:59:16 PM): now he calls and goes\nRyfourn (9:59:22 PM): "sup got you two double downs without sauce"\nRyfourn (9:59:29 PM): I'm like "TWO? Imma die"\nRyfourn (10:02:25 PM): ROFL\nRyfourn (10:02:32 PM): This needs bread REALLY bad\nRyfourn (10:02:40 PM): It's burning my fucking fingers and covering them in oil\nRyfourn (10:17:13 PM): Oh god I couldn't finish both of them. I feel sick.\nRyfourn (10:17:31 PM): The [[cat|my cat]] is eating one. I think he's gonna die.\nRyfourn (10:23:53 PM): This isn't funny.\nRyfourn (10:23:57 PM): Should I make myself throw up?\nRyfourn (10:24:10 PM): My [[chest hurts|gone]].
Monday, July 05, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:50:56 PM): last night was my final night of drinking this time for real (because it is making my physically sick)\nRyfourn (12:51:04 PM): 4th of july until 4th of october\nRyfourn (12:51:07 PM): 3 months\nRyfourn (12:51:32 PM): nah man I can't drink anymore\nRyfourn (12:51:38 PM): my liver is like throbbing\nRyfourn (12:52:11 PM): If I have to I'll smoke weed\nRyfourn (12:52:13 PM): no more booze\nRyfourn (12:52:19 PM): need to let my liver heal\n
Friday, June 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:24:49 AM): You've made me so happy by sayng in a round-about-way that I got slightly better at sf4
Thursday, March 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:45:55 AM): I'm finding Mike Ross both playing on the stream and talking in the chat at the same time extremely amusing, especially when he gives spoilers.\nRyfourn (12:50:14 AM): I'm jealous. I want to be a known [[SF4 player]].\nRyfourn (1:23:15 AM): I'm apparently getting to know them so that's a start.\nRyfourn (1:24:12 AM): Even [[if I were better]] than him there's no way I'd be recognized enough to play him in a match
A Year In Chat Logs
Friday, October 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (2:59:59 AM): one night\nRyfourn (3:00:05 AM): [[philip and I]] were hanging out\nRyfourn (3:00:10 AM): and we saw TMNT2\nRyfourn (3:00:16 AM): on dvd for like 7 bucks\nRyfourn (3:00:18 AM): so we bought it\nRyfourn (3:00:22 AM): and I put it on\nRyfourn (3:00:26 AM): and like 10 mins into movie\nRyfourn (3:00:30 AM): philip falls asleep\nRyfourn (3:00:34 AM): so I just skip to the end\nRyfourn (3:00:37 AM): and wake him up\nRyfourn (3:00:46 AM): and am like "yeah you slept through whole movie"\nRyfourn (3:00:51 AM): and he was like "oh shit"\nRyfourn (3:00:54 AM): and went home\nRyfourn (3:00:55 AM): lmfao\nRyfourn (3:01:21 AM): don't tell him that story LOL\nRyfourn (3:01:55 AM): I just didn't wanna watch that movie and he was passed out
Sunday, May 16, 2010\n\nRyfourn (11:59:21 PM): I decided my cat is the best cat in the world. I'm going to start treating him with more [[respect]], starting with freshwaters.
Monday, November 30, 2009\n\nRyfourn (4:51:28 PM): The original reason I went knocking on their doors while high was 'cuz I know they like to play cards and I know how to play all of those old-timey card games like Pinnacle, Bridge, Rummy, etc. And I was gonna see if we could arrange like a weekly game night.\nRyfourn (4:53:10 PM): Yeah, we can't decide on our 4th player. I mean I'm sure there's another old person around but mainly we hang out with [[Felix]] (crazy guy from Africa), Larry (super pothead) and Richie (guys with AIDS, looks like a [[vampire|vampire]]).\nRyfourn (4:54:07 PM): And generally 4 men don't play Bridge together, it's more of a couples game.\nRyfourn (4:55:31 PM): Oh and then there's [[Sarah]], the woman living directly next to me who has told my other neighbors she wants to have sex with me. I've never spoken to her even once, but I saw her outside yesterday and she has a shaved head (except for her bangs), tattoos everywhere, and is 39 years old.\nRyfourn (4:56:01 PM): She scares me lol\nRyfourn (4:56:17 PM): She has random boyfriends always slamming her door raged.\nRyfourn (4:56:43 PM): I'm not interested in sex and I don't think she wants to be pals.\n
Friday, October 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (2:03:38 AM): You are far more closed minded than you claim others to be\nRyfourn (2:04:21 AM): You can't even come close to [[beating me at chess]] and you wanna walk away like you know something I don't\nRyfourn (2:04:24 AM): What a fucking joke\n
Saturday, May 01, 2010\n\nRyfourn (2:04:53 AM): You should find me more girls on okcupid lol I finally sent that one girl a message\nRyfourn (2:05:51 AM): Matchmaker matchmaker lets make a match, find me a find, catch me a catch\nRyfourn (2:06:56 AM): U gonna look or should I go to bed?\n
Monday, October 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (11:55:24 AM): I had the weirdest dream\nRyfourn (11:55:50 AM): you know that song in dreams that starts by talking about a [[candy colored clown]]?\nRyfourn (11:56:42 AM): I was like wandering around going about my day and every time that song would randomly start playing like someone in the room would suddenly turn into this super colorful creepy clown. It was like a combo of the clown from It and Beetlejuice.\nRyfourn (11:57:31 AM): And it did like weird magic\nRyfourn (11:57:44 AM): Like there was a woman who had lost both of her children in a car accident\nRyfourn (11:57:48 AM): and I was talking to her\nRyfourn (11:57:55 AM): then all the sudden the song starts playing\nRyfourn (11:58:12 AM): and the kids empty shoes would suddenly be filled with the corpses of the children and they had glowing eyes\nRyfourn (11:58:18 AM): and the mom was all happy and hugging them\nRyfourn (11:58:21 AM): while the clown laughed\nRyfourn (11:58:25 AM): and I was just like wtf \n
Saturday, October 09, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:06:39 PM): I used Johnny Cage's move on Alex once\nRyfourn (5:06:52 PM): and Alex still talks about it to this day as if it were a [[legendary attack]]\nRyfourn (5:07:06 PM): I did full splits and punched alex in the nuts\nRyfourn (5:07:37 PM): He tells people that I may be out of shape and shit but look out\nRyfourn (5:07:57 PM): truth is\nRyfourn (5:08:04 PM): I hurt myself more than him during that attack\nRyfourn (5:08:05 PM): lol\nRyfourn (5:08:16 PM): but it worked\nRyfourn (5:10:30 PM): You ever been in a real fight? Not gonna make fun of you if you say no\nRyfourn (5:11:20 PM): I was bullied so much in like jr high school\nRyfourn (5:11:29 PM): that one day I just filled up on the guy\nRyfourn (5:11:42 PM): and then next day I apologized even though he treated me like shit\nRyfourn (5:11:50 PM): and for some reason he respected that\nRyfourn (5:11:57 PM): and left me alone\nRyfourn (5:12:01 PM): never picked on me again\nRyfourn (5:12:40 PM): But for months and months he just like picked on me, hurt me, did whatever he could for a laugh\nRyfourn (5:12:47 PM): Finally I just went nuts\nRyfourn (5:12:54 PM): And attacked his ass\nRyfourn (5:13:11 PM): I was missing him 90% of my attacks but people were going like\nRyfourn (5:13:21 PM): "holy shit, if he hits him that's really gonna hurt"\nRyfourn (5:13:35 PM): and the guy just backed down\nRyfourn (5:13:43 PM): and wouldnt fight\nRyfourn (5:14:07 PM): next day I just apologized and said even though you treat me like shit I shouldn't have attacked you, sorry\nRyfourn (5:14:14 PM): and he was like "better be"\nRyfourn (5:14:30 PM): but then he was nice to me for the rest of the year and whenever I'd see him after that\nRyfourn (5:14:32 PM): taught me that\nRyfourn (5:14:42 PM): you just gotta [[stand up for yourself]] sometimes\nRyfourn (5:14:51 PM): even if you're gonna lose a fight\nRyfourn (5:14:54 PM): gotta stand up\nRyfourn (5:15:01 PM): don't be somebody's toy
Tuesday, February 23, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:52:25 PM): chess?\nRyfourn (5:53:13 PM): wanna watch me play some chess and rock guys?\nRyfourn (5:53:40 PM): [[Why not?]] It's an exciting sport
Saturday, October 09, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:09:33 PM): felix and I were talking\nRyfourn (7:09:36 PM): and he was like\nRyfourn (7:09:42 PM): I smoked weed once\nRyfourn (7:09:47 PM): and woke up naked somewhere
Tuesday, March 23, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:48:19 AM): What did you think of [[that clip]] I sent you last night?\nRyfourn (10:49:24 AM): ...\nRyfourn (10:53:08 AM): I guess it hits me closer to [[home|my room]]. [[My dad|MY DAD]]'s first son died
Thursday, November 12, 2009\n\nRyfourn (7:26:16 AM): You know my grandpa, the one I always says is hardcore and was in gangs and military, etc?\nRyfourn (7:27:08 AM): He died in his sleep yesterday =(\nRyfourn (7:28:00 AM): I feel bad for my grandma.\nRyfourn (7:28:08 AM): All she has now is her [[mother|family]].\nRyfourn (7:28:14 AM): And her mother is like 100 years old.\nRyfourn (7:28:18 AM): So she's probably next.\nRyfourn (7:28:25 AM): And then my grandma will be completely alone.\nRyfourn (7:29:04 AM): The only funny part is\nRyfourn (7:29:38 AM): My grandpa always said my great grandma was "gonna out-live us all" and she did for him anyway.\nRyfourn (7:30:31 AM): She's amazing. She plays super complicated games and stuff 'cuz she's 100% mentally there.\nRyfourn (7:31:01 AM): She claims she's living off "borrowed time".\n\n
Tuesday, May 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:57:27 AM): I do a lot to help myself. I've recently started various types of meditation.\nRyfourn (5:57:54 AM): To say you have no problems, is one of the biggest problems of all.\nRyfourn (5:59:49 AM): Well I have unconditional love for everyone.\nRyfourn (6:00:00 AM): Including you.\nRyfourn (6:00:35 AM): Danielle for example.\nRyfourn (6:00:39 AM): I do not want to be with her.\nRyfourn (6:00:42 AM): I love her to death.\nRyfourn (6:00:46 AM): But I want her to be happy.
Wednesday, October 28, 2009\n\nRyfourn (9:59:48 PM): Will you miss me when I die?\nRyfourn (10:03:09 PM): I shorten my life almost every day with drugs and poor health care in general. I don't think my body can keep going forever this way. The way I take 30 of one pill wrecklessly without concern for my own life probably means I won't wake up one of these mornings.\nRyfourn (10:05:15 PM): I'm sure there are others like me.\nRyfourn (10:05:37 PM): They aren't afraid to die and just wonder if anyone will notice once they finally do
Tuesday, May 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (6:09:46 AM): How about I kill your [[mom|family]], take away your childhood, leave you alone in a [[tiny apartment|my room]] with no money, [[beat you up|alex]], make you [[so sick|hospital]] you can't function, and then see [[what you have to say|The End]]?\n
Friday, October 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:40:54 AM): I am serious dude lol\nRyfourn (3:40:58 AM): I watch like\nRyfourn (3:41:13 AM): hours a day\nRyfourn (3:41:22 AM): of anime in [[japanese]]\nRyfourn (3:41:38 AM): and it getting to the point where I don't need to read the subtitles\nRyfourn (3:42:34 AM): It's being super exposed\nRyfourn (3:43:38 AM): I mean it's cool that I'm accidently learning how to speak it better than ever\nRyfourn (3:43:53 AM): but kind of embarassing that I'm learning it from watching shitty [[anime|all about training]]
Wednesday, July 14, 2010\n\nRyfourn (1:35:36 AM): I think I might have taken my battlecam crown back\nRyfourn (1:36:33 AM): I went on there and alki was making people drink a shotglass full of pee as a challenge\nRyfourn (1:36:40 AM): and I'm like "you fucking pussies"\nRyfourn (1:36:41 AM): and go on\nRyfourn (1:36:44 AM): put on bad to the bone\nRyfourn (1:36:48 AM): fill up a 2 liter with piss\nRyfourn (1:36:52 AM): and chug it all in one gulp\nRyfourn (1:36:56 AM): everyone goes nuts\nRyfourn (1:36:59 AM): alki goes on\nRyfourn (1:37:01 AM): and is just like\nRyfourn (1:37:18 AM): "the day ryfourn came to this site, I said to myself 'now there's a [[super star]]', and he just undeniably proved it"
Monday, November 02, 2009\n\nRyfourn (9:23:59 PM): I just opened my first 40oz. I won't be drunk until I drink this at least and then I have another one.\n
Friday, March 26, 2010\n\nRyfourn (8:53:47 PM): I'm almost done with the available [[FMA]] episodes\nRyfourn (8:54:55 PM): Wow, that means I've watched like 18 hours?\nRyfourn (8:55:03 PM): How much Naruto would that be...\nRyfourn (8:55:25 PM): Like 208 hours...\nRyfourn (8:56:09 PM): It's really not that long if you think about it.\nRyfourn (8:56:15 PM): Only a little over a week
Sunday, September 12, 2010\n\nRyfourn (6:15:50 AM): there is this "voices of menigitis" ad bullshit on [[hulu|stickam]].com\nRyfourn (6:16:18 AM): it is people talking about people who they know who died or people talking about how they lost their legs to the disease, etc\nRyfourn (6:16:24 AM): I had that disease twice\nRyfourn (6:16:28 AM): wtf\nRyfourn (6:16:49 AM): I remember the first time I got it... nobody was allowed inside my hospital room without a mask\nRyfourn (6:16:58 AM): but I still considered it a fuckin joke\nRyfourn (6:17:07 AM): and I'm fine\nRyfourn (6:17:40 AM): that shit was nothing\nRyfourn (6:17:48 AM): I just couldn't play [[computer games]]\nRyfourn (6:17:53 AM): cuz sitting in a chair\nRyfourn (6:17:56 AM): would make me throw up\nRyfourn (6:18:01 AM): I had to sleep for a month
Wednesday, December 09, 2009\n\nRyfourn (9:44:58 PM): My Japanese teacher said that [[in Japan]] they all think Americans fight like John Wayne and don't use martial arts lol.\nRyfourn (9:46:04 PM): But I'm not kidding, he says in Japan, that's how they think we fight, the same way we think they'd know martial arts when like 90% can't even throw a punch.\nRyfourn (9:47:30 PM): Well I don't. I have my [[hand broken|stand up for yourself]] and refuse to fix it because it's better for tiger palm and eagle kungfu.
Thursday, July 08, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:11:44 PM): I just ordered another pizza from that crazy pizza place\nRyfourn (4:12:08 PM): Just wanted to hear [[the music]]\nRyfourn (4:13:08 PM): Oneatthesedays I'm gonna order from the crazy chinese place that puts ads on my door\nRyfourn (4:13:27 PM): I could never ever find a [[chinese food]] place close enough to deliver, then I had a dream about it, and next morning there was an ad on my door\nRyfourn (4:14:49 PM): Today is day 4 [[no alcohol|really struggling]]\nRyfourn (4:15:08 PM): Not too hard\nRyfourn (4:15:25 PM): But I'm hungry now\nRyfourn (4:15:33 PM): Usually I'm too busy [[throwing up]] the next day to be hungry\n
Thursday, September 02, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:32:04 PM): [[alex]]'s bday is tomorrow, and the 13th is [[chris]],erin, and mike's birthday. 3 friends born on same day
Saturday, August 14, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:57:15 PM): lol today\nRyfourn (7:57:21 PM): I ordered chinese food from this place\nRyfourn (7:57:33 PM): and the same old woman who took my order on the phone\nRyfourn (7:57:37 PM): showed up at my door with the food\nRyfourn (7:57:44 PM): she is like a one-woman operation today I guess\nRyfourn (7:58:36 PM): I found that I am secretly (or not so much but ya know what I mean) racist. 'cuz whenever I order chinese food and I pay for it, I do a little bow.\nRyfourn (7:58:44 PM): just 'cuz the person is clearly super asian
Tuesday, February 02, 2010\n\nRyfourn (9:24:10 PM): [[strawbrryrage|strawbrryrage2]] is going back to the hospital for [[usin' drugs]]\nRyfourn (9:27:42 PM): I haven't touched drugs or alcohol because I've got too much pride to admit I need them. I'd rather just be miserable even if I end up back in the hospital.
Monday, August 02, 2010\n\nRyfourn (9:56:01 PM): My favorite wall scroll\nRyfourn (9:56:06 PM): is my samurai champloo one\nRyfourn (9:56:09 PM): 'cuz it like\nRyfourn (9:56:13 PM): didn't belong where I found it\nRyfourn (9:56:17 PM): and had no idea where it came from\nRyfourn (9:56:22 PM): it wasn't wrapped up\nRyfourn (9:56:27 PM): and didn't have a pric e\nRyfourn (9:56:33 PM): they were just like "yeah 3 bucks is fine"\nRyfourn (9:56:37 PM): when normally they are like 20+\n\nRyfourn (10:00:29 PM): You only watch anime that's 10 eps or less.\nRyfourn (10:00:41 PM): Watching one episode\nRyfourn (10:00:43 PM): Doesn't mean a thing\nRyfourn (10:00:52 PM): You might as well have just seen [[merely a picture]]\n
Tuesday, December 15, 2009\n\nRyfourn (10:27:23 AM): How many years has it been since we started talking to each other?\nRyfourn (10:30:44 AM): If I ever traveled to Florida, would you hang out with me or would you not want to see me while I would be there?\nRyfourn (10:33:42 AM): I wish you trusted me.\nRyfourn (10:34:54 AM): What can I do to show you I'm trustworthy?\nRyfourn (10:38:37 AM): I enjoy talking to you more than probably anyone else. There's lots of times nobody else is online and you're there to talk to, and that makes me happier than even drugs do. You are important to me, and we've known each other for an extremely long time. I hope one day you'll trust me enough that you'd want me to know your [[phone number]] at the very least.\nRyfourn (10:42:23 AM): I'm grateful to have you in my life, Tim. I probably don't deserve more than what our friendship limitations currently are, but I hope one day you'll at least trust me.
Saturday, April 03, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:34:08 AM): watch [[killer condom]]\nRyfourn (12:34:18 AM): it's free on hulu\nRyfourn (12:34:24 AM): best troma movie\nRyfourn (12:34:54 AM): come on\nRyfourn (12:35:40 AM): you gonna do it or not?\nRyfourn (12:38:41 AM): go watch it\nRyfourn (12:39:10 AM): come on we're gonna watch it together on stickam\nRyfourn (12:39:15 AM): you'll love the movie\nRyfourn (12:39:43 AM): You'll relax while you watch it\nRyfourn (12:40:16 AM): come on
Wednesday, October 06, 2010\n\nRyfourn (9:42:09 PM): here is example of how "the future" is no different from "the past".\nRyfourn (9:43:40 PM): As I type this message, it is the present, but by the time I'll have sent it and you'll be reading it in [[the future]], that'll be the present, and then it'll be the past. It's like we live on the edge of a coin. The things that have already happened are the same as what is inevitably going to happen.\nRyfourn (9:43:53 PM): er I messed that up\nRyfourn (9:43:56 PM): but you get my point
Thursday, December 03, 2009\n\nRyfourn (2:04:54 PM): Robotripping, well, the [[DXM]] collects in my spine and actually does lower my intelligence but it can be reversed. I can have the DXM removed in a hospital and my brain would be restored to normal.\nRyfourn (2:05:33 PM): There's a whole episode of House about it.\n\nRyfourn (3:54:34 PM): Dextromethorphan has been shown to cause vacuolization, also known as Olney's lesions, in rats' brains.\nRyfourn (3:54:57 PM): I experimented on rats...\nRyfourn (3:55:27 PM): This kind of thing was common. I gave them all sorts of weird stuff to eat and drink.\nRyfourn (3:56:16 PM): I successfully saved a rat's life by removing a tumor before it died 5 days later of old age.
Friday, March 26, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:36:57 PM): I wonder if Natalie in the anime store likes me or is afraid of me. When we talk about anime, she seems to find it impossible to look at me in the eyes. Has no problem with everyone else.\n\nRyfourn (5:16:55 PM): Holy shit\nRyfourn (5:17:04 PM): The plot for the new FMA is amazing and nuts\nRyfourn (5:17:33 PM): Yes\nRyfourn (5:17:45 PM): I didn't like it at first because of the changes\nRyfourn (5:17:54 PM): but this is the [[best anime|8 days worth]] I've ever seen
Thursday, August 19, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:56:56 PM): I don't want to be on battlecam anymore\nRyfourn (7:57:01 PM): like having a little fame was cool\nRyfourn (7:57:09 PM): but now I've realized all those vids of me are archived\nRyfourn (7:57:14 PM): and the site is gonna explode\nRyfourn (7:57:21 PM): if alki keeps offering millions for shit\nRyfourn (7:58:43 PM): [[too much fame]]\nRyfourn (8:00:02 PM): don't wanna be a celebrity for being wut u called "geek"\nRyfourn (8:00:31 PM): gettin a tiny fanclub is one thing\nRyfourn (8:00:43 PM): becoming part of battlecam history as the first real nutjob\nRyfourn (8:00:49 PM): no no no\n
Tuesday, May 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:03:09 AM): True Blood is just a ripoff of Twilight =(\nRyfourn (12:03:46 AM): true blood was books before twilights?\nRyfourn (12:04:10 AM): wasn't expecting that\nRyfourn (12:05:54 AM): I guess then twilight is the Harry Potter version of True Blood, my bad\nRyfourn (12:07:16 AM): I didn't like Twilight but New Moon was tite\nRyfourn (12:09:39 AM): I saw like every horror movie in Blockbuster as a kid
Saturday, March 13, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:58:14 AM): My dad threw away my piano-bench-leg club =(\nRyfourn (3:59:57 AM): At least he didn't throw out the titanium rod that was in my leg for a year.\nRyfourn (4:00:56 AM): When I broke my left femur they put a titanium rod inside of my broken bone instead of making me wear a big cast.\nRyfourn (4:01:27 AM): I have a scar on my ass from where they cut to get to the bone.\nRyfourn (4:02:23 AM): I had my rod removed a year later simply so they'd give me drugs lol. I should have left it in.
Saturday, October 03, 2009\n\nRyfourn (7:58:45 PM): I'm better than [[Jesus]]. I'm like 100x more forgiving and nowhere near as ignorant.\nRyfourn (7:59:39 PM): Fig trees will never be harmed while I'm around.\nRyfourn (8:01:11 PM): "[[God]]" has way too many pointless human emotions. Like the first [[commandments]] of the fucking religion are about Him being jealous.\nRyfourn (8:01:49 PM): Perfect being creating incredibly imperfect life = fail.\nRyfourn (8:02:42 PM): Sorry, but it I have an ant farm, and I don't like what they're doing, I don't shake the whole thing, killing 90% of them, and make them start over.\nRyfourn (8:03:37 PM): Simant is one of my fav [[games]] of all time.\nRyfourn (8:03:52 PM): And I had like hundred dollar antfarms when I was a boy .\nRyfourn (8:06:34 PM): It's a form of society you apparently can't understand. The queen does not engage in regular ant activities. The female ants are [[workers]] and gatherers. The male ants provide protection and are usually killed after being with the queen ant. \nRyfourn (8:08:48 PM): Ants even bury other ants after [[they die]]. \nRyfourn (8:10:43 PM): In Australia, there's a certain type of ant that likes to stay up in the trees. When an animal or person is underneath, they drop and consume.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 \n\nRyfourn (10:38:33 PM): Chris got up to 3000 gamer points and I got pissed 'cuz he caught up to me so fast, so I bought Monopoly for 20 dollars and was like "sup I'm gonna have 4800 points by tomorrow" but then I accidently left the game at his place so now that bastard is playing it instead.
Friday, June 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:23:34 AM): ...\nRyfourn (4:24:41 AM): That was so mean.\nRyfourn (4:26:50 AM): You gonna say something or is this just another way to be mean? =(\n\nRyfourn (5:33:29 AM): Nah man I missed you. I'm sorry for everything I do wrong. I can't help it.
Monday, October 05, 2009\n\nRyfourn (1:40:10 AM): That's how it should be.\nRyfourn (1:40:13 AM): Death by choice.\nRyfourn (1:42:13 AM): I'm not going to die old.\nRyfourn (1:42:42 AM): I know because I'd ending it before then.\nRyfourn (1:43:17 AM): My grandpa is 80 years old.\nRyfourn (1:43:22 AM): Want to know what he does all day?\nRyfourn (1:44:09 AM): He walks around the entire house, looking for somewhere to sit. My grandma asks him "What are you doing?" and he replies "Looking for somewhere to sit to get rid of this God damn disease". He can barely recognize her now.\nRyfourn (1:45:22 AM): There is something called "quality of life". My [[grandfather]] does not have that anymore. If he were an animal, he'd be put to "sleep" by now.\nRyfourn (1:45:46 AM): [[Time isn't real.]]\nRyfourn (1:48:48 AM): All of our hopes, experiences, and dreams are 99% most likely a delusion, completely meaningless. Time won't matter when you die because there's nothing left. You can't be like "wow, I had a great life, glad I'm dead now."
Thursday, February 11, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:07:17 AM): I haven't told anyone anything and they've begged.\nRyfourn (5:07:56 AM): I didn't know it would [[bother you]] so much so I'm never going to bother your number or your address again, that is my decision.\nRyfourn (5:08:40 AM): I was just sad it bothered you 'cuz we've known each other for so long and I think of you as a friend. I'm sorry though.\nRyfourn (5:09:47 AM): You sent me [[pokemon|Jesus]] christmas cd and I wanted to send you something this year but you got mad so I didn't.
<html><b>Thursday, October 01, 2009</b></html>\n\nRyfourn: guess what I had for [[dinner]]\nRyfourn: steak and potatoes baby, ultimate man fuel.\nRyfourn: The steak wasn't that good. I don't really like steak if it has any fat on it and I don't like A1 steak sauce.\nRyfourn: And I don't like [[bones]].\n\nRyfourn: I downloaded "Religulous" but I haven't watched it yet.\nRyfourn: Might be hilarious anti-[[religion]] nonsense.\nRyfourn: I'm gonna fuckin watch it lmfao\nRyfourn: I'll tell you if anything hilarious happens\n\nRyfourn: I used to think I was [[smarter|was smarter]] than everybody my age. Nope. And in a way it feels better to accept that I've failed at life and I might manage to have a somewhat decent family eventually.\nRyfourn: Do you want a [[family]] eventually?\n
Wednesday, July 07, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:11:08 PM): Just ordered from some pizza place that is random\nRyfourn (4:11:11 PM): and they put me on hold\nRyfourn (4:11:21 PM): and some ridiculous song about pizza was playing\nRyfourn (4:11:31 PM): aaaaaaaaaaah pizza! pizza pizza! gotta have pizza! or some shit like that\nRyfourn (4:11:35 PM): for 6 minutes\n\nRyfourn (4:38:45 PM): The pizza came. Not too bad.
Monday, November 02, 2009\n\nRyfourn (10:35:39 PM): You honestly think I can become [[better|slightly better]] at SF4?\nRyfourn (10:36:06 PM): Some things I just can't get better at
Tuesday, January 26, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:25:34 AM): I couldn't smoke in the hospital so I quit for 25 days. I had my first cig today and didn't like it, but smoked it anyway.\nRyfourn (12:26:30 AM): I might still quit 'cuz I don't like them very much anymore.\nRyfourn (12:26:50 AM): We had yoga in the hospital.\nRyfourn (12:26:52 AM): And bingo.
Sunday, June 27, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:50:14 AM): I have [[mixed feeling]] about battlecam\nRyfourn (10:50:40 AM): Like half the people hate me and want me dead, the other half loves me. \nAnd then there are like 1 or 2 girls that I can't figure out if they're fake or if they are legit stalkers.\nRyfourn (10:59:16 AM): It's just hard to go from being 90% loved to 50% or less.\nRyfourn (11:02:34 AM): I guess I can only handle being on there when I'm drinking. I don't have the confidence to take the heat when I'm sober.\nRyfourn (11:04:20 AM): Yeah but if they can't make fun of my room anymore, then they might try even harder to attack me on a more personal level.\nRyfourn (11:05:40 AM): I mean they were going after my family members. I deleted my facebook.\n
Wednesday, December 09, 2009\n\nRyfourn (10:10:09 PM): I was talking to my dad on the phone\nRyfourn (10:10:15 PM): you would love my dad\nRyfourn (10:10:22 PM): here's what the phone call was...\nRyfourn (10:11:00 PM): No, he was wandering around Wallgreens playing with all the stuffed animals where you press a button and it dances and sings songs.\nRyfourn (10:11:07 PM): And he's like "i gotta get this"\nRyfourn (10:11:26 PM): and I'm like "dad you have about 17 of them at home already. do you and your new wife just rock ecstasy and go nuts on [[christmas]]?"\nRyfourn (10:11:30 PM): and he roffled\nRyfourn (10:12:56 PM): trust me you'd lol if you saw my dad's house at christmas\nRyfourn (10:13:06 PM): there are so many fucking walgreens toys\nRyfourn (10:13:15 PM): and he just wanders around the house\nRyfourn (10:13:19 PM): making them all sing and dance\nRyfourn (10:13:26 PM): no idea what goes on in his head\nRyfourn (10:13:49 PM): my dad was worse than me when it came to drugs, but it was like the [[60's/70's]] so I guess that doesn't cout
Saturday, June 05, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:38:10 AM): Did I show you pic of my head injury last night? prolly did\nRyfourn (7:38:39 AM): Had intense convos all night with rebekah and then philip and I were having super ridiculous convo with voodoomasta\nRyfourn (7:39:09 AM): then mikey invites me to tokbox and goes to bed lol\nRyfourn (7:39:14 AM): doesn't even show up\nRyfourn (7:39:24 AM): First thing I said to him\nRyfourn (7:39:34 AM): was "Hey John... fuckin' magnets? How do they work?"\nRyfourn (7:39:38 AM): And philip lol'd\nRyfourn (7:40:07 AM): Did you know he has youtube vids and goes to clubs to do comedy acts?\nRyfourn (7:40:25 AM): He saw my vids and fell in love, subscribed to me and my cousin instantly\n
Thursday, March 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (8:14:54 PM): No. Women in Arizona are as uninterested in me as I am in them.\nRyfourn (8:15:44 PM): It was one payment. I don't plan to pay again.\nRyfourn (8:16:26 PM): I wasn't fully aware of how uninteresting women in Arizona were until using these sites.\nRyfourn (8:17:58 PM): I think it's a complete scam either way.\n\nRyfourn (9:12:23 PM): I need someone way more messed up than these people.\nRyfourn (9:13:03 PM): [[Search for crazy people]]. Not people who play vid games lol.\nRyfourn (9:13:56 PM): I can't honestly see these girls being like "Oh he has [[no job|workers]], he [[slit his own throat|for 4 weeks+]], he smokes, but he plays [[SF4|games]] so I'm sold".\n
Sunday, September 19, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:56:29 AM): want to hear a joke?\nRyfourn (5:57:21 AM): I saw a sign that said "Need help? Call [[Jesus|Jesus]]" and it listed a phone number\nRyfourn (5:57:47 AM): Just because I was curious, I called the number\nRyfourn (5:57:58 AM): A Mexican showed up with a lawnmower.\nRyfourn (6:04:05 AM): [[You awake]]?\n
Thursday, November 19, 2009 \n\nRyfourn (7:27:23 PM): I remember watching an [[episode of pokemon|all about training]]\nRyfourn (7:27:30 PM): where pikachu discovered ketchup\nRyfourn (7:27:32 PM): and went nuts\nRyfourn (7:28:36 PM): If I could play guitar I'd make the most awesome songs.\nRyfourn (7:28:47 PM): e.g., [[Pikachu|tattoo]] vs Jesus\nRyfourn (7:32:57 PM): Pikachu's love for ketchup was my fav part of pokemon\nRyfourn (7:39:40 PM): If I could go back in time\nRyfourn (7:39:46 PM): I woulda named [[my cat]] Pikachu\nRyfourn (7:40:00 PM): Or Zero 'cuz I like that name
Saturday, May 08, 2010\n\nRyfourn (2:28:45 AM): I found a sex chatroom where girl is in car and boyfriend is driving\nRyfourn (2:28:50 AM): and I ask them to go to mcdonalds\nRyfourn (2:28:52 AM): and they go nuts\nRyfourn (2:28:54 AM): and are like\nRyfourn (2:28:55 AM): YES\nRyfourn (2:28:58 AM): WE'RE GOIN' TO MCDONALDS\nRyfourn (2:29:02 AM): on the mic\nRyfourn (2:29:04 AM): was the fuckin best\nRyfourn (2:29:35 AM): they were rofl'ing saying that they'd do it if I paid for it\nRyfourn (2:31:59 AM): People who sit in chatrooms all day getting asked to show boobs and strip are usually very good for conversation. They're often so bored that when someone wants to just talk, no matter how ridiculous the topic is, they are totally into it.\nRyfourn (2:32:02 AM): And excited.
Monday, November 02, 2009\n\nRyfourn (9:50:34 PM): It must be nice having a [[dinner time]].
Saturday, November 21, 2009 \n\nRyfourn (5:11:07 PM): I was gonna do an awesome [[webcam]] [[SF4]] show last night but nobody was online =(\nRyfourn (5:11:21 PM): I made the room anyway and a random person joined and watched me play [[naruto]] for like 10 mins\nRyfourn (5:12:51 PM): It would be a dream come true for me to be a [[fighter commentator]] or somethin'. One of the guys who studies the games and is always like "OHHH MAN!! DID HE JUST DO THAT!?! I THINK HE DID!!!!!"
Sunday, March 14, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:58:13 AM): What do you think is the best way for me to attract girls on [[eharmony]].com? lol;\nRyfourn (8:03:11 AM): I've made it so only spiritual or atheist people can match with me\nRyfourn (8:03:14 AM): No christians allowed\nRyfourn (8:12:36 AM): I have to go for the desperate women who have tried those and are now willing to spend money
Thursday, February 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:06:55 PM): Deadly Premonition looks like the best game ever made.\nRyfourn (4:04:05 PM): A lot of the youtube comments about it said it was Twin Peaks the video game, so I watched an episode of Twin Peaks. Weird fucking show.\nRyfourn (4:04:32 PM): I saw his movie Blue Velvet. [[Weird movie]].\nRyfourn (4:06:23 PM): Frank Booth is one of my fav characters cuz he is so fucking nuts.\nRyfourn (4:06:41 PM): Frank Booth: What kind of beer do you like to drink, neighbor?\nJeffrey Beaumont: Heineken.\nFrank Booth: Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!\nRyfourn (4:07:07 PM): I drank Pabst Blue Ribbon for like 2 weeks 'cuz of that lol\nRyfourn (4:07:14 PM): Terrible beer.\nRyfourn (4:07:50 PM): Ben: To your health.\nFrank Booth: Ah, shit, let's drink to something else. Let's drink to fucking. Yeah, say, "Here's to your fuck, Frank."\nBen: If you like, Frank. Here's to your fuck.
Saturday, September 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:03:19 PM): i think i no longer like [[kendra]]\nRyfourn (3:04:11 PM): girl from hospital\nRyfourn (3:04:52 PM): she text messaged me lookin for drugs it looks like\nRyfourn (3:07:15 PM): no she wants illegal drugs. i guess i am just disappointed that she doesnt make better decisions than me
Monday, February 08, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:49:22 AM): Tonight while Philip and I were bored\nRyfourn (5:50:13 AM): I felt bad for an unattractive asian man I found on spread4u.com, so I paid for a 5 dollar private show where I made him dance like a monkey with his penis out. You can tell I'm a good person for doing that 'cuz that 5 dollars will probably feed him for a week.\nRyfourn (5:50:22 AM): And I gave him a 10 rating.\nRyfourn (5:56:47 AM): His rating is way better now 'cuz of me. ^_^\nRyfourn (6:01:00 AM): lol come see how creepy this guy is
Wednesday, June 09, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:10:45 AM): they love me\nRyfourn (7:18:44 AM): you watchin?\nRyfourn (7:19:00 AM): they love me lol\nRyfourn (7:36:27 AM): I can become these guys god lol\nRyfourn (7:37:30 AM): like these guys\nRyfourn (7:37:35 AM): actually like me\nRyfourn (7:37:37 AM): lmfao\nRyfourn (7:37:43 AM): I have found my place in life\nRyfourn (7:39:47 AM): I just tell honest stories\nRyfourn (7:39:50 AM): about mental hospital\nRyfourn (7:39:57 AM): and they fuckin love me\nRyfourn (7:40:38 AM): i showed em my room\nRyfourn (7:40:45 AM): and they all lol'd\nRyfourn (8:17:38 AM): you see them go nuts\nRyfourn (8:17:42 AM): when I drank my own urine
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 \n\nRyfourn (4:58:11 PM): Yeah, and my mom had an ex-husband.\nRyfourn (4:58:30 PM): I had a [[brother]] too, but he died before I was [[born]].\nRyfourn (5:00:27 PM): Tomorrow is the day my [[mother]] died.\nRyfourn (5:00:40 PM): I don't remember how many years it's been now.\nRyfourn (5:01:15 PM): Like 9 or 10 years. It's been a long time but doesn't seem very long ago.
Thursday, March 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:45:39 PM): Have you seen Seven Years in Tibet? They never taught any of this stuff in world history class.\nRyfourn (6:05:59 PM): Seven Years in Tibet is an amazing history lesson about world war 2 and communist china taking over tibet and the dali lama having to flee the country to india, etc.\nRyfourn (6:23:53 PM): I'm watching Pistol Opera now and there is a definite step down in the quality lol
Saturday, October 02, 2010\n\nRyfourn (11:32:16 AM): You know what a Jewish rabbi\nRyfourn (11:32:21 AM): said to me\nRyfourn (11:32:45 AM): You don't have to believe in God if God believes in you\nRyfourn (11:32:57 AM): basically he was telling me\nRyfourn (11:33:05 AM): just to be a good person\n\nRyfourn (11:41:29 AM): You like how\nRyfourn (11:42:01 AM): Catholic priests can fuck lil boys 'cuz rape isn't one of the 10 commandments\nRyfourn (11:42:10 AM): It's allowed according to God
Monday, September 27, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:21:14 AM): I've been sending you stuff for like a week\nRyfourn (12:21:17 AM): with no response\nRyfourn (12:21:30 AM): asshole
This is the beginning. Click [[Start|Steak Family]] to begin. We testing this yall.
Monday, May 10, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:06:08 AM): Did you watch Forbidden Kingdom? Jackie Chan vs Jet Li?\nRyfourn (4:06:20 AM): dude you serious?\nRyfourn (4:06:26 AM): I saw it with [[Philip]] in theaters a long time ago\nRyfourn (4:06:31 AM): It's one of my fav movies\nRyfourn (4:06:39 AM): Jet Li pees on Jack Chan rofl\nRyfourn (4:07:14 AM): You'd be an idiot not to watch it\nRyfourn (4:07:19 AM): I'll send it if you want\nRyfourn (4:10:22 AM): No seriously dude, fuck you.\nRyfourn (4:10:40 AM): 10 mins of Jackie Chan vs Jet Li is worth more than your entire life.\nRyfourn (4:10:53 AM): Our friendship ends here if you wanna continue being a dick.\n\nRyfourn (4:40:53 AM): After what you said, you and I are done. I don't see how you expect me to continue looking at your stupid shit.\nRyfourn (4:42:07 AM): Yeah disrespect me more, that'll get me on your side.\nRyfourn (4:54:07 AM): You are a scumbag and don't deserve friends as loyal as I am.\nRyfourn (4:57:48 AM): I've decided that even that I'm angry with you, I will not disturb your life. You are free to continue being who you are. Goodbye.\nRyfourn (4:58:13 AM): I'm not bipolar.
Friday, May 28, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:05:01 PM): Mikey and Philip say nonstop how much you're an asshole and you do nothing but argue and send dumb fucking links and mock us.\nRyfourn (7:05:14 PM): You need to make some changes, or you're not gonna have us anymore.\nRyfourn (7:06:35 PM): You have a condition I learned about while I was in the hospital\nRyfourn (7:07:14 PM): You don't see yourself as entirely "human". You think that the feelings that all regular people have are primative to you, but yet they constantly bother you and you don't even know what's bothering you.\n\nRyfourn (7:15:07 PM): Get rid of me. If you don't care about me, [[block me forever]] right now.\n
Tuesday, December 15, 2009\n\nRyfourn (10:22:23 PM): Are you gonna change your number now? lol. I think your main fear is I'm gonna call you all the time. I won't.\nRyfourn (10:23:22 PM): How did it feel to communicate without a keyboard?\nRyfourn (10:24:54 PM): It's funny that this website reveals more about your actual life than you ever would in 100 convos.\nRyfourn (10:26:46 PM): Looks like you did, but too late eh?\nRyfourn (10:27:38 PM): Yes, very uncool to have someone care enough about you that they want to actually have a 1:39 phone convo with you.\nRyfourn (10:29:05 PM): Would you like me to never call again? Is it much like exposing your vampire-like personality to the sunlight?\nRyfourn (10:32:22 PM): Well your irrational fear of being telephowned by a friend has resulted in no consequences, other than if you choose to be angry at me now.\nRyfourn (10:34:39 PM): Is that the case?\nRyfourn (10:42:06 PM): Fushi, it was a phone call, which I ended in under 2 minutes. We've known each other long enough that I deserve to be able to do that at least once, if you wanna talk about lack of respect. I'm your friend and look how you blow this out of proportions as if I raped you. If a phone call makes you go this nuts, then I was right to do it, because you have serious issues. Grow up.\nRyfourn (10:44:56 PM): The only damage done was to your delicate, irrational sense of "privacy". Denying someone your phone number you've been friends with for countless years, that's wrong.\nRyfourn (10:53:38 PM): If it was such a big deal, why didn't you say so on the phone? You should have said "Don't call me" and hung up. But you're a pathetic wimp who is sheltered and needs to be exposed to ACTUAL friends!\nRyfourn (10:55:44 PM): How would you know? You have no real friends yet.\nRyfourn (10:56:15 PM): Common sense coming from an irrational person.\nRyfourn (10:58:40 PM): It's called life, Fushi. Sometimes people call each other.\nRyfourn (11:00:54 PM): Pffffft. Why'd your parents buy you that? So you could order pizza without having to walk into the living room? That's probably #2 on your speed dial right next to your home phone so you can ask for car rides places and a bunch of empty spots where friends are supposed to be.\nRyfourn (11:29:52 PM): Here's the part your going to like. Whether you see this as a positive or negative thing on "trust" is up to you. Both Mikey and Philip are begging for your number. I'm not going to give it to them.\nRyfourn (11:31:06 PM): So there. You survived being called by me. It's [[over now|The End]].
Saturday, February 20, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:53:54 AM): I'm still having dreams about being in that hospital.\nRyfourn (7:54:06 AM): Bad [[dreams]] about it every night.\nRyfourn (7:54:29 AM): The one I was locked up in [[for 4 weeks+]].\n
Monday, June 07, 2010\n\nRyfourn (11:59:01 PM): can you imagine if that actually happened\nRyfourn (11:59:04 PM): and I become super star\nRyfourn (11:59:21 PM): I'd totally [[give you cred]] during awards\n
Thursday, June 10, 2010\n\nRyfourn (9:09:13 PM): he is a sage\nRyfourn (9:09:45 PM): no a lil more complicated\nRyfourn (9:09:52 PM): like he had to learn to become sage\nRyfourn (9:09:54 PM): by living with frogs\nRyfourn (9:10:09 PM): no\nRyfourn (9:10:18 PM): naruto isn't about just becoming super powerful out of nowhere\nRyfourn (9:10:22 PM): [[all about training]]
Thursday, May 27, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:39:43 AM): if chess is an intelligent game\nRyfourn (4:39:50 AM): then you'd be an idiot\nRyfourn (4:40:05 AM): and I suck at most games\nRyfourn (4:40:13 AM): but [[I can destroy anyone at chess]]\n
Tuesday, April 06, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:58:38 PM): I guess to me it's like you guys are all freaking out over a drawing of Muhammad or something. Names and physical appearance are not only public record but you're required to use both every day of your life, for everything. They aren't secret and there's nothing special, hidden, or private about that stuff. The movie has been deleted and Krisy has blocked me from her friends. You were right, but I still say all of you are way too sensitive or sheltered or something... because people do way worse stuff with my info, including use them to open account with my social security number, and it doesn't bother me at all.\nRyfourn (5:00:08 PM): Celebrities must have it pretty hard.\nRyfourn (5:02:05 PM): I like it.\nRyfourn (5:02:14 PM): It's called fame.\nRyfourn (5:03:07 PM): Should women wear veils over their heads when they go outside?\nRyfourn (5:03:17 PM): Don't wanna let anyone know what they look like, goodness.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010\n\nRyfourn (8:52:39 PM): You like that I've sobered up now\nRyfourn (8:52:46 PM): Facing reality.\nRyfourn (8:53:28 PM): I was talking about in the convo not IRL. Nobody likes that I've sobered up IRL.\nRyfourn (8:53:46 PM): Philip was all into it but now he's always messaging me telling me to get high.\nRyfourn (8:54:19 PM): I mean how nice is that. I'm not [[really struggling]] or anything but what if I were.\nRyfourn (8:54:46 PM): Like every time he taunts me I should just hold a [[40oz]] to my lips on cam but never sip and act like I'm on the edge.
Saturday, June 05, 2010\n\nRyfourn (1:36:21 AM): in one [[stickam]] chat I was in\nRyfourn (1:36:27 AM): we met girl who was SF4 player\nRyfourn (1:36:32 AM): and I told her about the AZ tourny\nRyfourn (1:36:36 AM): and that I might take bus to it\nRyfourn (1:36:39 AM): and we were goin nuts\nRyfourn (1:36:42 AM): and another guy\nRyfourn (1:36:45 AM): was like SF4 sucks\nRyfourn (1:37:00 AM): and she banned his ass\nRyfourn (1:37:10 AM): she went offline but still that shows that\nRyfourn (1:37:16 AM): some of these [[gurls are cool]]\nRyfourn (1:37:21 AM): they are into 90's punk rock
Monday, November 30, 2009\n\nRyfourn (3:38:41 PM): I have 16 messages on my phone.\nRyfourn (3:39:06 PM): Most of them are from Chris Minder probably.\nRyfourn (3:39:46 PM): Oh man... he's 1000x worse.\nRyfourn (3:39:56 PM): When his girlfriend broke up with him...\nRyfourn (3:40:02 PM): He went to her house at night.\nRyfourn (3:40:07 PM): Opened her bedroom window\nRyfourn (3:40:10 PM): crawled inside\nRyfourn (3:40:13 PM): got in bed with her\nRyfourn (3:40:16 PM): and slept with her.\nRyfourn (3:40:27 PM): He said "You should have seen the look on her face when she woke up"\n
Monday, June 07, 2010\n\nRyfourn (9:53:25 PM): you know there are like 100 sites just like this one right?\nRyfourn (9:53:59 PM): is this the guy?\nRyfourn (9:54:12 PM): lmfao reminds me of mikey\nRyfourn (9:59:12 PM): this guy is biggest asshole ever\nRyfourn (10:00:40 PM): how do I get in line?\nRyfourn (10:14:37 PM): you see me?\nRyfourn (10:15:15 PM): lol so I did good?\nRyfourn (10:15:44 PM): did I get points or anything? lmfao\nRyfourn (10:15:47 PM): they [[didn't like me]]
Thursday, March 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (8:22:08 PM): I don't know why I gave up on Kendra. She was interesting. It would be weird to call her now though.\nRyfourn (8:22:48 PM): 30-year-old woman I met in the hospital, there for cutting herself. Has two children and two divorces. Does not live with children.\nRyfourn (8:23:25 PM): [[Her and I]] would stay up late at night in the hospital talking.
Wednesday, October 21, 2009\n\nRyfourn (5:36:32 PM): I loved the anime. So far this isn't at all a remake.\nRyfourn (5:36:45 PM): This isn't the same story whatsoever.\nRyfourn (5:37:05 PM): And it's way after they became alchemists, doesn't explain anything.\nRyfourn (5:38:08 PM): wow\nRyfourn (5:38:12 PM): guess I gotta watch it\nRyfourn (5:38:33 PM): I just don't get it\nRyfourn (5:38:47 PM): They should have done this with Inuyasha, not FMA. FMA was perfect.\nRyfourn (5:39:21 PM): It was one of the most brilliantly constructed anime's I'd ever watched.\nRyfourn (5:39:35 PM): Why [[remake a masterpiece]] is all I'm wondering.\n
Monday, January 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:49:02 PM): You don't wanna get rid of me quite yet. I have 4 weeks of [[stories]] from the mental hospital rofl.\nRyfourn (5:50:15 PM): I'm pretty normal now that they took me off my [[medication]].\n\nRyfourn (11:16:48 PM): I'm doing better. I didn't cut my throat [[because of you|a long time]]. I just told Philip to say that. It was a joke.\nRyfourn (11:17:15 PM): I'm not nearly as nuts anymore. I can't be or they'll haul me back in there. I'm on probation for 1 year. Can't drink, can't own [[weapons]], etc.\nRyfourn (11:18:12 PM): They made us listen to [[Lady Gaga]] nonstop while in there.\nRyfourn (11:18:32 PM): I have to admit it gets stuck in my head.
Sunday, September 26, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:49:34 PM): [[hey]]\nRyfourn (6:19:35 PM): FUNNY NAMES FOR WESTERN SONGS \n- If The Phone Don't Ring, It's Me \n- I've Missed You, But My Aim's Improvin' \n- So Miserable Without You It's Like You're Still Here \n- My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Miss Him \n- I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But Mine
Monday, November 02, 2009\n\nRyfourn (9:08:16 PM): Yeah but I don't use my strength when I fight. I use fast chops to pinpointed places with my right hand which has a broken 5th metacarple to improve the attacks.\nRyfourn (9:09:30 PM): It's why I've never had my broken hand fixed. I have an extra knuckle.\nRyfourn (9:10:18 PM): I don't have to beat her up. One WP from me and she's down.\nRyfourn (9:10:31 PM): No need for my ultra.\nRyfourn (9:11:11 PM): Dude, one chop to the [[throat|for 4 weeks+]] and she isn't going to want to fight anymore. She's gonna want to make sure her windpipe isn't broken.\nRyfourn (9:12:35 PM): I can kick above my head also, which means I can do a full roundhouse. I told my friend [[Chris|chris]] that I could beat up NINE David Witts (his friend before I came along) and was like roundhouse+sweep+roundhouse+sweep.\nRyfourn (9:15:01 PM): I didn't have really many friends at all in school until like mid highschool.\nRyfourn (9:15:15 PM): So I was the dorky kid out practicing fighting moves on trees.\nRyfourn (9:15:24 PM): During lunch.\nRyfourn (9:15:55 PM): 'cuz I got picked on nonstop.\nRyfourn (9:16:26 PM): The only time I ever attacked a bully, I didn't even need to hurt him. He saw me go into my rage mode as was like "holy shit" and left me alone for the rest of the year.\nRyfourn (9:17:27 PM): Then when I had my first real fight when I got mugged by the mexicans, I took 2 or 3 of them out before the driver started yelling at them to get back in the truck.\nRyfourn (9:18:37 PM): I'm pretty sure I dislocated one of their arms when I was getting the tire iron away from him, then I threw it at the truck, left a dent in the hood and went through the windshield.
Saturday, March 13, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:49:35 AM): I just had my best chatroulette experience\nRyfourn (7:50:14 AM): It was a webcam in China, viewing 4 chinese guys all playing cards in what looked like a small closet, and then they saw my [[tattoo]] and shouted "DEAAAATH!!!" and then I put on my mask and they lost it lmfao\nRyfourn (7:56:20 AM): People must think [[I'm ugly]]\nRyfourn (7:56:24 AM): They always skip me\nRyfourn (7:56:41 AM): The only person who talked to me was the Chinese guy and a black guy.\nRyfourn (7:56:44 AM): The black guy was gay.\nRyfourn (7:56:53 AM): One guy took one look at me\nRyfourn (7:56:57 AM): and said "WHAT A FUCKIN TOOL"\nRyfourn (7:57:00 AM): and hung up\nRyfourn (7:57:05 AM): I was like "huh huh?"\nRyfourn (7:57:19 AM): The chicks skip me =(\n
Tuesday, January 26, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:02:28 AM): One of my main friends in the hospital was a guy named Leigh Daniels. He was in Vietnam and spent 3 years there. He went crazy and started cutting off people's heads and collecting ears to wear around his neck. He says he killed over like 25 with also tons of nonconfirmed kills. He was like half asleep at home when a Rambo movie came on TV and he attacked the television and put his fist through it and then destroyed the antenna 'cuz he thought it was enemy transmitter or something. lol. \nRyfourn (12:08:19 AM): I had an older roommate named Richard who called himself codename: Blueflame. I had to help him get in his wheelchair and put on his shoes and stuff all the time, but then he'd have a couple sodas and go wild and start fights with the staff members.\nRyfourn (12:10:16 AM): Everybody was like "how can you sleep in the same room as him???" 'cuz he'd get up at 2 am and stuff, flick the lights on and off, and start singing (in a horrible voice) Hit the Road Jack and all sorts of other songs but he only could remember like one line from each song lol. He'd do that for about 3 hours a night until they drugged him up.\nRyfourn (12:10:58 AM): Yes but that's the only part he would sing\nRyfourn (12:11:10 AM): He'd just shout out HIT THE ROAD JACK! over and over without the rest of the song lol\nRyfourn (12:11:47 AM): And this sounds made up but I swear it's true\nRyfourn (12:12:29 AM): They let him wear a ninja mask, it was like a ski mask kinda and then he'd use his pillow case to tie around his head like a bandana. He'd practice ninja moves in the day room until he'd fall down and start screaming, then he'd get drugged lol.\nRyfourn (12:12:55 AM): Lots of times people would freak out and they'd get beat up and put in the time out room all night, sleeping with mega bright lights on.\nRyfourn (12:13:52 AM): It's still done in some places but they don't make you stay awake while they do it.\nRyfourn (12:14:04 AM): They call it EST\nRyfourn (12:14:39 AM): They drug you up and basically it just makes you less violent and causes some memory loss.\nRyfourn (12:16:37 AM): I met a [[gamer girl|SF4 player]] who I wanna introduce to the gang when she gets out. Her AIM/gamer s/n is [[StrawbrryRage]].
Monday, March 22, 2010\n\nRyfourn (8:17:12 PM): I wish I could download [[movies|candy colored clown]] and [[tv shows|all about training]] but if I get caught 1 more time my internet gets shut off for good.\nRyfourn (8:53:57 PM): fuck it\nRyfourn (8:54:00 PM): I'm gonna risk it\nRyfourn (9:06:37 PM): It's an episode from a tv show I watched while in the [[hospital|hospital]]. Amazing acting moment that left me in instant shock.\nRyfourn (9:07:07 PM): It doesn't matter.\nRyfourn (9:07:31 PM): I'm not trying to get you to watch the show, just the scene in one episode 'cuz of the amazing acting\nRyfourn (9:09:13 PM): I don't want you forming any opinions based on what show it is\n
Wednesday, March 03, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:45:06 PM): omg...\nRyfourn (4:45:17 PM): Strawbrryrage is a topless [[dancer|spread4u]] now.\n\nRyfourn (7:02:59 PM): I know exactly how to get the Lisa's strip club. I have absolutely no desire to go there though. Just weird to know a stripper. Most people do but I haven't until now. I mean it's like suddenly your friend is working somewhere naked...\nRyfourn (7:04:05 PM): I know but it's an awkward feeling when they want you to go see them at work.
Thursday, September 30, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:25:00 AM): IF GOD EXISTS I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM\nRyfourn (10:25:38 AM): DON'T CARE ABOUT MYSELF\nRyfourn (10:26:26 AM): TWO PEOPLE HAVE DIED NOW AND MY DAD IS GOING TO JAIL FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN'T DO\nRyfourn (10:26:50 AM): [[MY DAD]] DOESN'T FUCKING LIE\nRyfourn (10:26:52 AM): EVER\nRyfourn (10:27:22 AM): I OFFERED TO TAKE HIS PLACE\nRyfourn (10:27:43 AM): HE SAID EVEN THOUGH THIS MAY COST HIM HIS CAREER AND SHIT\nRyfourn (10:27:56 AM): HE REFUSES NOT TO BE UPFRONT ABOUT IT\nRyfourn (10:28:02 AM): HIT AND RUN\nRyfourn (10:28:50 AM): JAIL UNTIL COURT\nRyfourn (10:29:07 AM): HE DID NOTHING\nRyfourn (10:29:19 AM): ONE DAY IN JAIL IS TOO MUCH\nRyfourn (10:29:22 AM): FUCK THAT\nRyfourn (10:30:59 AM): I WOULD RATHER DIE THE MOST PAINFUL DEATH IMAGINABLE AND BURN IN HELL FOREVER THAN SOMEONE LAY A FINGER ON MY DAD\nRyfourn (10:32:02 AM): I WILL NEVER SURPASS MY FATHER\nRyfourn (10:32:08 AM): I LIVE IN HIS SHADOW\nRyfourn (10:32:14 AM): AND IT HURTS\nRyfourn (10:32:19 AM): BUT I'M PROUD OF HIM\nRyfourn (10:32:31 AM): HE IS THE MOST KIND AND LOVING AND FORGIVING HUMAN\nRyfourn (10:32:35 AM): I HAVE EVER MET\nRyfourn (10:32:45 AM): AND HE MUST FEEL SO MUCH PAIN\nRyfourn (10:32:56 AM): AND HIDES IT ALL SO NOBODY KNOWS\nRyfourn (10:33:53 AM): MY DAD MAKES JESUS LOOK LIKE HITLER
Friday, May 28, 2010\n\nRyfourn (6:48:42 PM): holy shit\nRyfourn (6:48:48 PM): Gary Coleman died\nRyfourn (6:48:52 PM): at 42\nRyfourn (6:49:17 PM): Brain hemorrhage is more serious than a bump on the head.\nRyfourn (6:50:53 PM): That's like saying a person who died from a [[heart attack]] was killed by the cheeseburger they ate last.\nRyfourn (6:51:13 PM): He obviously had problems going on. Hitting his head wouldn't cause a brain hemorrhage by itself.\nRyfourn (6:51:59 PM): Maybe if you'd stop being wrong all the time.\n\nRyfourn (6:59:01 PM): WHEN [[MY MOM]] WAS SICK\nRyfourn (6:59:17 PM): She got pancreatitis. You can die from it. And she died. Did she die from pancreatitis?\nRyfourn (6:59:32 PM): No, it gave her a heart attack, which would have happened anyway.\nRyfourn (7:01:06 PM): I'm saying based on Gary Coleman being a midget with high blood pressure, hitting his head can make his already bad health condition WORSE. People typically don't just get brain hmorrhages from hitting their head. At most, they get a conclusion
Friday, May 28, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:47:59 PM): I am boring on cam also\nRyfourn (5:48:23 PM): I don't think they wanna see me light my balls on fire\nRyfourn (5:52:34 PM): why would anyone want to watch me sit there and smoke a cig?\nRyfourn (5:52:54 PM): I'm an ugly dude.\nRyfourn (5:58:41 PM): this guy is going nuts about how takin a multi causes cancer\nRyfourn (5:58:55 PM): this guy is way better looking than I am\nRyfourn (6:04:51 PM): fuck that site
Friday, October 23, 2009\n\nRyfourn (9:24:31 PM): I think I'm gonna spill the truth to the doctor on monday and question his medical judgement \nRyfourn (9:25:42 PM): I suffer from depression and have a looong history of self medicating. And the moron gives me oxycodone, possibly the most dangerous pill to give anyone known to take more pills than they're supposed to.\nRyfourn (9:26:15 PM): I should be dead.\nRyfourn (9:26:20 PM): My cousin says I'm not human.\nRyfourn (9:26:33 PM): She's had 3 friends die from oxycodone overdoses.\nRyfourn (9:26:39 PM): I asked how many they took.\nRyfourn (9:26:43 PM): She said like 10.\nRyfourn (9:26:48 PM): I take 30 in one night.\nRyfourn (9:27:05 PM): I'm taking as much oxycodone as all 3 of her dead friends combined.\nRyfourn (9:27:13 PM): She says I'm not human, can't be.\nRyfourn (9:30:41 PM): They're gonna take my meds away, but I'm going to make a fool out of them when I say how much I overdose and how obvious it is that I'd do that.\nRyfourn (9:32:07 PM): For years I've been calling my doctor my "pez dispenser", well it ain't funny anymore. I wonder how many of his patients die.\nRyfourn (9:32:55 PM): The son of a bitch has a 3 million dollar house.\nRyfourn (9:33:22 PM): And yet his patients have to wait 3 hours after their apointment time just to see him. He makes no effort to fix that.\nRyfourn (9:33:52 PM): I think i'm gonna actually write a letter and make them read it in front of me.\nRyfourn (9:37:14 PM): And I'm going to end the letter something like this "So why did I write this letter? What do I want? Employment. I'm familar with nearly all medications you prescribe. I've experienced for myself depression, anxiety, insomnia, and addiction. I want you to put me through school and give me enough education so that I can work here and make sure mistakes like my own case don't happen."\nRyfourn (9:38:22 PM): That's way over the top but fuck it, maybe they'll help me.\nRyfourn (9:38:53 PM): I have something they don't have, empathy.\nRyfourn (9:39:09 PM): It would be helping myself. I'd be working.\nRyfourn (9:39:14 PM): And I'd be proud of my work.\nRyfourn (9:41:29 PM): I have worked hard. All I need is certificate to go along with my 5+ years of personal experience and pain, then I can start saving people through therapy and empathy rather than narcotics.
Monday, October 18, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:55:50 AM): just met a guy who I'd guess is homeless\nRyfourn (3:55:55 AM): and he was carrying around a guitar\nRyfourn (3:56:14 AM): and like i gave him a dollar 'cuz that's all I had left\nRyfourn (3:56:21 AM): and then he starts jammin his guitar\nRyfourn (3:56:24 AM): and person drives by\nRyfourn (3:56:30 AM): says how much you want for guitar\nRyfourn (3:56:40 AM): and he's like how much you offering\nRyfourn (3:56:42 AM): they go 20 bucks\nRyfourn (3:56:46 AM): he's like I WANT 30\nRyfourn (3:56:56 AM): then they drive off saying they'll be back with 30 bucks\nRyfourn (3:57:03 AM): but he's like "fuck them they ain't coming back"\nRyfourn (3:57:18 AM): and I'm like "dude you can make more than 30 bucks if you just play guitar outside of this circle k"\nRyfourn (3:57:32 AM): I think he was a little crazy\nRyfourn (3:57:40 AM): he had a bicycle\nRyfourn (3:57:46 AM): and was trying to sell it\nRyfourn (3:57:52 AM): saying that he'd had it since he was 11\nRyfourn (3:57:56 AM): then changed his story\nRyfourn (3:58:05 AM): and said he just recently got it by trading a motorcycle for it\nRyfourn (3:58:09 AM): and I'm just like wtf\nRyfourn (3:58:12 AM): and as I'm leaving\nRyfourn (3:58:20 AM): he's like I'M FORMING A BAND\nRyfourn (3:58:26 AM): IT'S GONNA BE CALLED POOP\nRyfourn (4:09:21 AM): I 90% of the time\nRyfourn (4:09:27 AM): run into homeless guy\nRyfourn (4:09:30 AM): give him a few bucks\nRyfourn (4:09:36 AM): then just stand there and listen to him rant\nRyfourn (4:09:42 AM): and he loves me for it\nRyfourn (4:09:51 AM): 'cuz that's what people really want most of the time\nRyfourn (4:09:59 AM): someone who won't ignore them and actually listen
Wednesday, October 28, 2009\n\nRyfourn (10:27:33 PM): The only thing you can ever know for sure is that you don't know everything.\nRyfourn (10:28:45 PM): To be an atheist, you claim to know something.\nRyfourn (10:30:07 PM): An agnostic person doesn't say there's a God or there isn't one. An atheist says there isn't one. How does the atheist know for sure? \nRyfourn (10:32:06 PM): No, but I can't claim to know everything. Even if there's just one person saying there's a flying invisible elephant above me, I can think he's crazy, but I also can't prove him wrong.\nRyfourn (10:33:00 PM): Well I'd say God is a little more serious of a claim, but yes.\nRyfourn (10:34:10 PM): I find people who believe in God are crazy in the sense that they can believe something with faith alone.\nRyfourn (10:39:45 PM): Fushi, I don't know what to believe.\nRyfourn (10:48:12 PM): I equally believe the possiblity that life has some greater purpose, possibly even created by a god-like being, as much as the possiblity that we're just flesh and bone created merely because of some other random scientific reason which hasn't been fully understood and may never be. \nRyfourn (10:54:43 PM): Things have happened to me which were abnormal enough for me to question whether rejecting the concept of God completely was merely because I was angry at how my life had turned out.
Tuesday, May 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (6:04:32 AM): When I was in the hospital, I met this girl named Kendra.\nRyfourn (6:04:45 AM): She had cut her wrists over and over\nRyfourn (6:04:53 AM): she said that "it was her body's way of crying"\nRyfourn (6:04:59 AM): her and I stayed up almost every night\nRyfourn (6:05:02 AM): and we hugged\nRyfourn (6:05:28 AM): I called her recently and she said because of me she felt better about herself, she was seeing her kids more, and her life was better.\nRyfourn (6:06:19 AM): I would gladly give my life to save another random person on the street.\nRyfourn (6:06:29 AM): Don't judge me.
Thursday, May 27, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:41:58 AM): In many ways, I'm a complete [[moron]], but in some ways, I'm a [[genius]]. All people are like that.\nRyfourn (4:43:21 AM): 80% of the people in the [[hospital]] I was in\nRyfourn (4:43:46 AM): were considered extremetely "gifted".\nRyfourn (4:46:05 AM): The most tortured souil is often the intellectual. These people had difficulty with social interaction, [[love]], emotion, and other common things among the "simple folk"....
Tuesday, December 22, 2009\n\nRyfourn (8:34:07 PM): Wow, you really [[hate me|for 4 weeks+]] now.
Thursday, July 08, 2010\n\nRyfourn (6:53:04 PM): I cleaned a little earlier and got tired\nRyfourn (6:53:12 PM): and realized it would take forever to finish\nRyfourn (6:56:06 PM): but what if I clean it, look around, then literally have nothing to do, and realize that my now empty apartment is like my empty life\nRyfourn (6:56:26 PM): at least when I look around now I think to myself "well, things could get better"\nRyfourn (6:57:54 PM): You just don't understand because your brain is malfunctioning releasing chemicals that make you happy even though you know you're going to DIE SOMEDAY.\nRyfourn (6:59:30 PM): Hey I quit drinking and gave my vehicle to a friend so he could drive and I have to walk places now if I wanna go anywhere. I can't do it all at once with no energy. Even Goku runs out of energy sometimes.\nRyfourn (7:05:29 PM): Hey you might look at my floor and see all the broken glass and go 'what a mess'. NO, those are booby traps for burglars.\nRyfourn (7:07:22 PM): You know I was depressed when my apartment was clean too.\nRyfourn (7:07:32 PM): That's why it got messy.\nRyfourn (7:07:35 PM): Didn't give a fuck.
Wednesday, June 09, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:10:45 AM): they love me\nRyfourn (7:18:44 AM): you watchin?\nRyfourn (7:19:00 AM): they love me lol\nRyfourn (7:36:27 AM): I can become these guys god lol\nRyfourn (7:37:30 AM): like these guys\nRyfourn (7:37:35 AM): actually like me\nRyfourn (7:37:37 AM): lmfao\nRyfourn (7:37:43 AM): I have found my place in life\nRyfourn (7:39:47 AM): I just tell honest stories\nRyfourn (7:39:50 AM): about mental hospital\nRyfourn (7:39:57 AM): and they fuckin love me\nRyfourn (7:40:38 AM): i showed em [[my room]]\nRyfourn (7:40:45 AM): and they all lol'd\nRyfourn (8:17:38 AM): you see them go nuts\nRyfourn (8:17:42 AM): when I drank my [[own urine|drank my piss]]
Thursday, July 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:50:08 AM): Chris is comparing my battlecam technique to Hitler's speech technique, because lately I just go on for like 10 mins, do something amazing, and immediately leave.\nRyfourn (4:50:22 AM): He's like "[[Hitler]] would just give his speech and leave, and let everyone talk about him while he's gone"\nRyfourn (4:50:56 AM): Today all I did was go on and eat a banana, but I did it in such a ridiculous way that everyone went nuts.\nRyfourn (4:51:04 AM): And they were all telling me to go back on.\nRyfourn (4:51:08 AM): And I'm like "nope cya"\nRyfourn (4:52:05 AM): Though I kind of feel like going on and just giving long story about Danielle. Gotta get that shit outta my system once n a while.\nRyfourn (4:53:23 AM): The last thing [[she]] said to me was "You are great at making others laugh and making sure others are having a good time before you worry about yourself. I loved and hated this about you. You would make yourself look like a total idiot just so your friends would laugh. But I do admire that about you."
Thursday, March 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:00:33 PM): I'm watching [[7 years in tibet]] while wearing one contact lense and heating up some frozen lasana\nRyfourn (3:01:05 PM): They put the troma release Killer Condom on hulu.com lol. It's my favorite.\nRyfourn (3:01:17 PM): Did you ever see it?\nRyfourn (3:01:25 PM): It's the best troma movie I ever saw.\nRyfourn (3:01:51 PM): If you haven't seen it I beg you to watch it\nRyfourn (3:02:02 PM): You have to watch it\nRyfourn (3:02:04 PM): You will nonstop lol\nRyfourn (3:02:13 PM): It is brilliant\nRyfourn (3:02:44 PM): The main character is Italian, in New York, speaking German, gay, and a detective.\nRyfourn (3:02:50 PM): His name is Luigi Macaroni\nRyfourn (3:03:09 PM): No\nRyfourn (3:03:10 PM): It's not\nRyfourn (3:03:13 PM): In fact\nRyfourn (3:03:23 PM): I dun wanna spoil the movie\nRyfourn (3:03:38 PM): but\nRyfourn (3:03:43 PM): it is most pro gay\nRyfourn (3:03:59 PM): saying who cares if the love is gay it is still love therefore god would accept it etc\nRyfourn (3:04:31 PM): I love in Tromeo & Juliet\nRyfourn (3:04:39 PM): How the one guy is gay and wants a kiss before he dies\nRyfourn (3:04:51 PM): but can't help but have big grin on his face\nRyfourn (3:04:54 PM): 'cuz it is so ridiculous
Saturday, September 04, 2010\n\nRyfourn (1:02:28 PM): its funny how like every brand of tobacco in some way promotes gambling in either the name or in a picture on the bag\nRyfourn (1:06:52 PM): 4 aces tobacco, gambler tobacco, red car tobacco (has picture of jockey on a race horse), etc\nRyfourn (1:08:59 PM): one time i smoked a brand of [[cigs]] called "black death" and the cigs had [[skull|legendary attack]] n crossbones logo on each one lol\nRyfourn (1:09:26 PM): for those who wanna die [[smokin]]
Saturday, March 27, 2010\n\nRyfourn (12:00:39 AM): You've never watched an anime with more depth and developement than that though.\nRyfourn (12:01:11 AM): Spend 8 days worth with a character, THEN have him [[die|they die]]. Big difference.
Monday, August 02, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:45:55 PM): [[Chris|chris]] and I played multiplayer sc2 last night. [[Philip|Philip]] was gonna play with us but he would only play if it was him and chris vs me. He won't play even teams. And then I told him Chris was planning on attacking him even if they were teamed up and so he went to bed instead.\nRyfourn (4:47:38 PM): It turned out if I just completely ignored the fact that I was playing sc2 and just played it like it was sc1 I did just fine and even did better than chris in one of the two games we played ([[score]]) 'cuz I just rocked it sc1 style.
Friday, October 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (1:43:02 AM): YOU CANT CHANGE YOUR FUCKING GENDER\nRyfourn (1:43:22 AM): SHOW ME A PREGNANT WOMAN WHO USED TO BE A MAN\nRyfourn (1:43:24 AM): SHOW ME\nRyfourn (1:44:00 AM): GENDER IS WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANNA PRETEND TO BE?\nRyfourn (1:44:03 AM): BULLSHIT\nRyfourn (1:44:07 AM): READ THE DEFINITION\nRyfourn (1:44:27 AM): GIVING A WORD A 2ND MEANING\nRyfourn (1:44:31 AM): 'CUZ YOU DISAGREE WITH IT\nRyfourn (1:44:34 AM): IS BULLSHIT\nRyfourn (1:44:37 AM): SO FUCK THEM\nRyfourn (1:46:17 AM): You can come up with over 9000 reasons to be gay and pretend to be a woman and fool idiots into thinking that this is normal.\nRyfourn (1:46:56 AM): I don't care if someone is gay\nRyfourn (1:47:02 AM): but accept your fucking penis\nRyfourn (1:47:05 AM): or your vagina\nRyfourn (1:47:09 AM): you were born with it\nRyfourn (1:47:17 AM): and your bone structure cannot be changed\nRyfourn (1:49:05 AM): I am more feminine than masculine\nRyfourn (1:49:12 AM): will I say I'm a girl?\nRyfourn (1:49:13 AM): no\nRyfourn (1:49:16 AM): I'm not a [[moron|moron]]\nRyfourn (1:52:30 AM): As much as I'd prefer to be a girl, I'm NOT\nRyfourn (1:52:34 AM): That's all there is to it\nRyfourn (2:03:38 AM): You are far more closed minded than you claim others to be\nRyfourn (2:04:21 AM): You can't even come close to beating me at [[chess|chess]] and you wanna walk away like you know something I don't\nRyfourn (2:04:24 AM): What a fucking [[joke]]\n
Saturday, May 22, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:45:16 PM): my first tattoo was gonna be a pikachu\nRyfourn (4:45:24 PM): but then it became a biggie tattoo instead\nRyfourn (4:46:02 PM): Danielle got hello kitty tattooed on her\nRyfourn (4:53:30 PM): I remember one time I got drunk at our neighbors apartment and as Danielle and I were going back into our apartment, I dove on her and we both slammed to the ground and she started screaming and so I started screaming and we just both were screaming. I think [[she was mad]] but was lmao'ing the next day about it.\nRyfourn (4:54:07 PM): [[Danielle]] was the best.
Tuesday, June 08, 2010\n\nRyfourn (6:18:42 PM): I think lady gaga is going against her original plan\nRyfourn (6:18:47 PM): this looks artistic as fuck\nRyfourn (6:19:01 PM): like academy award already\nRyfourn (6:19:24 PM): this is pure magic so far\nRyfourn (6:20:08 PM): she actually looks good this time\nRyfourn (6:20:14 PM): not great\nRyfourn (6:21:46 PM): she actualy looks really good in this outfit\nRyfourn (6:21:56 PM): like, most attractive outfit she's worn\nRyfourn (6:36:21 PM): this is the sexiest lady gaga vid I've seen
Tuesday, July 27, 2010\n\nRyfourn (11:30:38 PM): I stepped a certain way with my weight on a glass 40oz bottle and completely destroyed it, shattered, and my foot doesn't have a scratch on it. Like it was such a powerful IRL move that say I could have just used on 3 solid boards of wood and my foot wouldn't have even felt the impact.\nRyfourn (11:31:15 PM): It was some kind of karate fuckin' kick I did to a glass bottle.\nRyfourn (11:31:19 PM): On accident.\nRyfourn (11:52:30 PM): I just mean\nRyfourn (11:52:35 PM): These bottles aren't easy to break\nRyfourn (11:52:39 PM): the ones I've broken before\nRyfourn (11:52:43 PM): weren't 40oz bottles\nRyfourn (11:52:48 PM): they were just like cheap vodka bottles\nRyfourn (11:52:57 PM): I've thrown these ones as hard as I can at the wall and shit\nRyfourn (11:53:01 PM): \sthey've never broke\nRyfourn (11:53:16 PM): yes and usually my feet get all cut up\nRyfourn (11:53:18 PM): but this time\nRyfourn (11:53:38 PM): I broke the bottle with no effort, a super strong one, didn't even feel it break, and only noticed because of the sound.\nRyfourn (11:53:44 PM): And my foot doesn't have a scratch on it.\nRyfourn (11:54:25 PM): No man I swear it was some accidental like kung fu stomp\nRyfourn (11:54:31 PM): that would crush a human skull\nRyfourn (11:54:42 PM): No idea how I did it
Saturday, November 28, 2009\n\nRyfourn (4:40:54 PM): I think you're just being defensive because I can teach you chess but you don't wanna learn. You wanna be mysterious master of anything you can be while I'm trying to learn here and you call me a bully.\nRyfourn (4:41:58 PM): You never once said "I just don't have any interest in playing chess"\nRyfourn (4:43:37 PM): Instead of going on and on why can't you just say "chess? no thanks"
Wednesday, November 04, 2009\n\nRyfourn (11:42:13 PM): I'm extremely bored.\nRyfourn (11:43:19 PM): Will you please play me a [[game of chess]]?\nRyfourn (11:44:27 PM): I took 4 metadate. The most I've ever taken is 3 and I'm only supposed to take 1. If I die, remember my last words as being "I died for Fushi."\nRyfourn (11:44:44 PM): dunno\nRyfourn (11:44:49 PM): just [[gotta remember]] that as my last words\n
Sunday, June 27, 2010\n\nRyfourn (11:16:21 AM): Fine. Maybe you're right and I do deserve this for being ignorant, but I've never tried to hurt anyone.\nRyfourn (11:18:34 AM): And you still don't understand me at all.\nRyfourn (11:20:17 AM): Being ignorant is no excuse but I'm not a bad person.\nRyfourn (11:20:24 AM): And you try to make me sound horrible.\nRyfourn (11:23:50 AM): You're right. I'm just a moron.\nRyfourn (11:23:56 AM): And I'm sorry for that.\nRyfourn (11:26:04 AM): Maybe when I [[cut my throat|for 4 weeks+]] I should have just finished the job.\nRyfourn (11:28:07 AM): Wanna [[kick me]] a few more times while I'm still down?\nRyfourn (11:38:47 AM): I'll talk to you later. I need to figure some things out.\n
Tuesday, January 26, 2010\n\nRyfourn (4:19:50 AM): I think being off the drugs helps me 'cuz my [[timing is better|better]] even though Philip was making fun of random ultras and supers I've gotten 100x better 'cuz I'm not mashing as much and staying back more\nRyfourn (4:20:49 AM): I have to be off drugs for a year. The only thing I can do is [[robotrip]] 'cuz that doesn't show up in drug tests lol. I'm [[court ordered|for 4 weeks+]] to go to therapy, groups, AA, NA, etc
Wednesday, December 16, 2009\n\nRyfourn (1:48:59 AM): Just so you know, I told 'em I was taking your home phone number to the grave.\nRyfourn (1:50:25 AM): I [[just wanted to talk to you]]. I'm sorry it made you unhappy.
Tuesday, May 25, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:43:34 AM): reminds me of the time danielle and I first moved into our apartment and I was on the floor with the computer and was like "hunny, come here" and she's like "wut" and I'm like "lie down" and she thought I was going to do something romantic, and I started using her as a mousepad. She left the room all upset and I was like "lol but it worked great"
Friday, March 12, 2010\n\nRyfourn (7:19:51 AM): Wow, Beyonce and Lady Gaga are repulsively unattractive in this video. It's a horrible immitation of Quentin Tarantino, but then again his stuff is horrible too so it fits. \nRyfourn (7:25:33 AM): Lady Gaga is like [[goddess-level beautiful]] in Poker Face, Paparatzi and Bad Romance. In this one, damn, I wouldn't want to even talk to her.\nRyfourn (7:25:37 AM): Horribly [[ugly]].\nRyfourn (7:26:42 AM): There's lots of ugly people who do weird and intense things. Lady Gaga had beauty and didn't need to, but she did. I thought that was the coolest part. It was like "okay, she's hot, why is she fucking insane too?"\nRyfourn (7:27:30 AM): People who don't have good looks usually rely on other things to make themselves popular.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (5:08:43 AM): [[Chris and I]] were standing around in Fry's Electronics looking at DVD's for like 2 hours tonight.\nRyfourn (5:08:55 AM): I found the COLOR version of The Forbidden Zone, but I didn't get it.\nRyfourn (5:09:20 AM): Found The Machine Girl, didn't get that either.\nRyfourn (5:09:24 AM): We ended up getting nothing.\nRyfourn (5:09:30 AM): Saw the 1932 Freaks.\nRyfourn (5:09:43 AM): Was just trying to find weird movies and stuff.\nRyfourn (5:09:50 AM): Lots of random Japanese movies in there we'd never heard of.\nRyfourn (5:10:03 AM): Couldn't find Tokyo Gore Police or whatever that movie is called.\nRyfourn (5:10:32 AM): And a lot of good movies are out of print, such as Harold & Maude.\nRyfourn (5:11:26 AM): I ended up purchasing a movie actually, I forgot\nRyfourn (5:11:34 AM): I bought "I Love You to Death"\nRyfourn (5:11:37 AM): and we watched it\nRyfourn (5:11:43 AM): and he liked it, as did I\n
Tuesday, December 15, 2009\n\nRyfourn (9:37:11 PM): It's called goals. People have to start with them before they can complete them. You don't do anything.\nRyfourn (9:38:40 PM): How would I know since you're too much of a pussy to get a webcam?\nRyfourn (9:38:51 PM): Shy little fuck who judges everyone.\nRyfourn (9:40:32 PM): At least I'm honest and show you my dirty apartment. I don't hide nothin' when all you do is crawl under your blanket and shake when it comes to anything besides bad mouthing me.\nRyfourn (9:42:18 PM): How should I know? You're too busy talking shit about me to ever talk about yourself or have the time to buy a webcam.\nRyfourn (9:42:55 PM): I'm sayin' you're a bigger creep than anyone.\nRyfourn (9:54:59 PM): You're hiding the fact that you're boring. If you were honest and open with me, I'd probably [[stop talking to you]].
Monday, February 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:17:41 AM): what's that website you go to in order to help kids with their homework?\nRyfourn (10:18:27 AM): There's a website where you can go [[cam to cam]] with little kids and help them with their homework lolol I'm gonna do it and be serious about it.\nRyfourn (10:19:24 AM): You probably have to make an account with all of your personal info in case a kid reports you doing anything bad.\nRyfourn (10:32:42 AM): I'm gonna go on [[spread4u]].com and ask people for help with my math homework. I was doing it earlier and it was pretty fun. What's a good math problem to ask besides something involving dividing by zero?\n
Monday, March 15, 2010\n\nRyfourn (10:31:06 AM): I'm gonna be [[alone forever]]. I'm [[too fat]] and ugly. =(\n
Friday, November 20, 2009\n\nRyfourn (5:47:07 PM): I dyed my contact lenses black with food coloring so that when I put them it my eyes looked almost entirely black.\nRyfourn (5:47:16 PM): And I put on sunglasses, went to the doctor...\nRyfourn (5:47:38 PM): Sat down and told my nurse practitioner "one of these pills is giving me really weird side effects..."\nRyfourn (5:47:58 PM): and she was like "Oh? What's that?" and I said "see for yourself" and removed my sunglasses\nRyfourn (5:48:07 PM): Her mouth dropped and she was like "holy shit"\nRyfourn (5:48:11 PM): then I started laughing\nRyfourn (5:48:15 PM): and was like "gotcha"\nRyfourn (5:49:52 PM): Then I asked her to boost my metadate from 60mg to 120mg and she was like "you'd probably have a heart attack if you took that much"\nRyfourn (5:50:05 PM): and I was like "ummm, I've taken 360mg of it before and felt fine"\nRyfourn (5:50:18 PM): Just like my cousin said, she said "you're not human"\nRyfourn (5:51:08 PM): Care for a game of [[chess]]?\n
Sunday, March 14, 2010\n\nRyfourn (6:17:35 AM): I've been watching nonstop videos about people who are trapped in their houses from being overweight
Monday, November 30, 2009\n\nRyfourn (4:34:03 PM): You wouldn't believe the amount of partying I did Saturday. I had to sleep all day Sunday.\nRyfourn (4:34:12 PM): Wanna know what I did Saturday?\nRyfourn (4:35:16 PM): Saturday started with an overdose of Ritalin (drug #1) and you and I talked, watched SF4, then played while I then took DXM (drug #2).\nRyfourn (4:36:12 PM): While incredibly stoned on DXM, I went to my 78-year-old [[neighbors]] apartment, knocked on his door, and he didn't answer. So I went downstairs and knocked on my other 78-year-old neighbors door and they were both in there, and they invited me in.\nRyfourn (4:36:43 PM): So the three of us are sitting there watching old Clint Eastwood movies on this incredibly hilarious "alternative to cable" tv.\nRyfourn (4:37:24 PM): The reason the "alternative to cable" is so hilarious is mainly the commercials. They're practically all local and REALLY BAD.\nRyfourn (4:38:24 PM): One of them which they kept playing was about like car insurance or something, and it had a guy dressed as The Joker from Dark Knight (horribly dressed) with gangsters holding up a couple in an alley (looked like a mcdonalds drivetru but they called it an alley)....\nRyfourn (4:38:48 PM): and like I'm there wondering if I'm hallucinating this because it is so bonkers
Saturday, June 05, 2010\n\nRyfourn (8:06:41 AM): I can feel the universe inside of my head. I can sense and feel every living thing on earth. But I can't make anyone love me. =(\nRyfourn (8:08:19 AM): I was talking to [[Rebekah]], and realized we'd been talking online for almost 10 years now. I also realized today is my mom's birthday, and she's been [[gone]] for almost 10 years now. Sometimes time goes by so fast, I wonder "what's the point?"
Friday, March 26, 2010\n\nRyfourn (3:17:58 PM): Japan is the best.\nRyfourn (3:19:37 PM): If I ever went there again I'd have to dress ridiculous and walk down the streets. I remember everyone stopping to look at me 'cuz my hair was bleached and spiked up pure white with glue. I was the only white person I saw.\nRyfourn (3:20:38 PM): When I was there they all wore shirts with random English slogans on them, often spelled wrong\nRyfourn (3:21:15 PM): I imagine there are a bunch of Japanese people with DEATH [[tattooed|ugly]] in the same place I have mine.\n
Saturday, July 31, 2010\n\nRyfourn (11:06:24 AM): I'm not fucking around\nRyfourn (11:06:35 AM): before koreans hit battlenet with [[starcraft]]\nRyfourn (11:06:44 AM): I was ranked like 6th best in the world\n\nRyfourn (11:11:55 AM): I played so much sc1 and diablo 2\nRyfourn (11:12:00 AM): I [[learned like korean]]\nRyfourn (11:12:06 AM): I can't speak it well anymore\nRyfourn (11:12:09 AM): but for a whiel\nRyfourn (11:12:15 AM): I could have a convo